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‘Kane and Lynch: Dead Men’ Gamespot Video Review By Fired Writer Jeff Gerstmann

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‘Kane and Lynch: Dead Men’ Gamespot Video Review By Fired Writer Jeff Gerstmann

You may be wondering why I’ve posted a video games review on Web TV Hub, as we are not a games site, but this is a game review with an intriguing, and possibly murky story behind it.

The reviewer seen here reviewing Kane and Lynch: Dead Men is Jeff Gerstmann, a controversial reviewer and editor for Gamespot, or at least he was, until he was fired in the aftermath of this review.

The problem was that Jeff gave this game just 6/10, an average score, and pointed out some serious flaws in the game, particularly when compared to other games in the genre.

This caused a problem for Gamespot because they had just signed a lucrative deal with the game’s developer to have a huge advertising presence on the site…

Gerstmann was removed from his position just days later, and this review was also removed.

It’s not clear if there was a direct connection between the review, and his firing, but it sure adds up, and has caused a massive controversy around the blogosphere.

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