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Kanye West and Jay-Z are currently promoting their new joint project, an album titled Watch The Throne. But that’s just banal, over-produced music hyped beyond all recognition.

I’d rather hear about Kanye West opening his mouth before engaging his brain yet again. That’s much more fun.

Kanye’s latest remarks, following on from his rant against Taylor Swift and his anti-Bush ramblings, saw the rapper compare himself to Adolf Hitler and Michael Jordan in the same breath.

During his set at the Big Chill festival over the weekend, he said, “I walk through the hotel, and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m (expletive) insane, like I’m Hitler.”

What an idiot. Kanye is nothing like Hitler, as this TMZ video demonstrates. If I were him (Kanye, not Hitler) I’d stick to rapping and keep my mouth shut at all other times.

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