The Komodo dragon is a fearsome, prehistoric creature that can kill with just one bite. And we’re not talking small furry creatures here, Komodo dragons can kill buffalo much bigger than they are.

This National Geographic video tracks one of the creatures as it stalks and kills its prey. It asks how the Komodo dragon can kill with just one bite. The answer: deadly bacteria which infects the inflicted wound.

Komodo dragons are in the news at the moment for killing an Indonesian fisherman while he was trespassing in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. Although he escaped the initial attack, the man died later, proving humans are as susceptible as this buffalo was.

Komodo dragons, which can grow up to 10 feet in length, are mightily impressive but deadly creatures. Lucky then that there are only around 4000 left in the wild, and those are limited to three Indonesian islands. Somewhere to avoid going on vacation.

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