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Sarah East and the gang are back after their two week break with this post-Thanksgiving edition of The PopCrunch Show.

A lot has happened since then. For instance, she may have actually become a dreaded Jonas Brothers fan.

From the very first Britney Spears bashing, it’s clear that PopCrunch is back in the game! Even though I happen to think otherwise, Ms. East clearly believes that Kristen Stewart is always high. Though, she almost supports her by saying, “I’d be stoned off my ass too if I had to talk about that shitty Twilight movie all the time.”

Rather than ending the show with the usual funny outtakes, Sarah pleads for the show’s support- and she actually sounds serious! Apparently PopCunch isn’t even paying for itself, who knew? Fans, it’s time to prove your manhood (or womanhood). You can show your support by buying a T-Shirt at

[The PopCrunch Show]

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