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Liam Payne Auditions For The X Factor Video | One Direction Has Meltdown Before Gig

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Liam Payne Auditions For The X Factor Video | One Direction Has Meltdown Before Gig

One Direction recently cancelled a gig in Belfast because singer Liam Payne was ill. Or at least that was the official line fed to the fans stuck inside waiting for the gig to begin.

The press has a different version of events. One which suggests Liam Payne had a complete meltdown before the gig was about to begin.

Reports suggest Payne is struggling to cope with the pressures of fame and the workload One Direction have to endure as the biggest boyband in the world. Which really isn’t surprising.

Now is as good a time as any to look back at where it all began, as Liam Payne auditions for The X Factor. He was eventually thrown into a group, and the rest is history. Or, more accurately, bad pop music.

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