Lightning Hits Plane Video | Why I Don’t Fly!

34 sec read

OK, so that’s not the only, or even main, reason I don’t fly. But it’s being added to the list.

This video is scary and awesome in fairly equal measures. You know what’s coming by the title of this post, and of the original YouTube video, but it’s still a “woah” moment when it actually arrives.

I’m guessing it’s something most of us won’t ever have seen before. We’re generally not outside staring up at the sky during a thunderstorm, and even if we were, lightning supposedly strikes planes very seldom. Although not seldom enough for my liking.

I would be interested to know whether the passengers were even aware of this happening. Did they feel the lightning bolt hit the plane? Or hear it?

They were obviously all fine, and the plane carries on as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred, but I think I’ll keep my feet on the ground to avoid this particular encounter with nature.


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