Lisa Lampanelli – Cripple Jokes Video | Clip From Comedian’s ‘Take It Like A Man’ DVD

33 sec read

I watched this video in a state of shock, as I thought jokes of this nature had been consigned to history a long time ago.

It features comedian (though I use that term loosely) Lisa Lampanelli taking the piss out of disabled people, old people, Christopher Reeves, an Asian guy and anyone else who she can get a laugh out of mocking.

I didn’t laugh at any of the jokes on here, because I tend not to find humour which denigrates, or mocks people who may be different to you, very funny.

I thought the world had moved on, and we were a bit more enlightened these days. Call it political correctness if you want, but surely we can be funny without mocking people?

What do you think? Did you find any of the jokes in the above video funny? Do you think there’s a place for comedy such as this or should it be looked down upon?


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