Making Old Star Trek Look Like New Star Trek Video | A Shaky Camera and Lens Flare!

38 sec read

The new Star Trek movie, Star Trek XI, is doing fantastic business at the box-office after managing to please old and new audiences alike. It’s a brilliant reboot movie but there’s just a couple of problems – too much lens flare and shaky camera shots.

I noticed this weird over-reliance on certain effects the first time I watched the movie but others are only noticing now after seeing this video clip. Here, an old Star Trek episode is made to look like J.J. Abrams new and improved version by the addition of a couple of special effects.

Bizarrely it actually works, making The Original Series look new and bang up-to-date. OK, so watching a whole episode edited in this way would get on your nerves but it shows it’s possible to mimic Abrams’s style for the new film.

They’ve re-released new, remastered versions of all the old movies and episodes in order to make more money from the reboot. I can’t help wondering whether they should have added some motion blur and lens flare at the same time.

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