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With a skillful crew including director Zack Snyder (director of Watchmen and 300) and Christopher Nolan as producer (why yes, he is the director of The Dark Knight Trilogy), this seems at first glance to be a must see. Just listen to that epic soundtrack music they’ve got enticing viewers in the background. Ah, makes me recall the haunting melodies of “The Gladiator.”

And would you look at the great cinematography! this movie looks more than ready to please. They’ve pulled together an excellent cast, featuring: Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Henry Cavil, Diane Lane, and last but not least Russell Crowe! So this should be a rather bloody show!

Oh wait, Russell Crowe isn’t a bad guy…who decided these roles!? No wonder I didn’t see any action in this trailer! Anyway, expect the movie out by June 14th of this summer!

Unless you didn’t read comics when you were a kid and then, well your must have had a crappy childhood now didn’t ya? ;)

June 14 2013.

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