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Man With Blue Skin Video | Papa Smurf In The Flesh

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Man With Blue Skin Video | Papa Smurf In The Flesh

I know that for most people, when it comes to the Smurfs you either love them or hate them. But I was a big fan of the little blue people when I was a kid, and couldn’t help but see the resemblance between this guy and Papa Smurf.

White beard, white hair, pleasant disposition, and… oh yea, blue skin! I guess this man suffers from a skin ailment and the treatments have turned his skin into this purpley shade of blue, making him the live and flesh Papa Smurf.

As you can imagine, this poor guy lives a different life than most, and people can be very cruel and judgemental, and he had just moved to escape that kind of criticism. I hope he does find kinder people in his new home town, since he is Papa Smurf after all. How could anyone not love him?

I am making the comparison in a loving way, as he seems like a very kind and generous person, and that was what Papa Smurf was all about. He just seems so smurfy.

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