Man With The Longest Tongue Video | This Is Pretty Gross

29 sec read

Ok, so you really get to see this giraffe-like tongue in the first few second of this video, so pay attention class! Not only is this one of the longest tongues I’ve ever seen, but this is the closest to a real-life Popeye too if I do say so myself.

I’m doubting that this strange old man holds any sort of world record, but he’s got my vote for the creepiest old man alive! Guess this is how he removes those bothersome eye boogers too. Ewwww.

I guess anybody could do this weird lip trick that he does too, making that bitter beer face from those commercials back in the day; all you need to do is remove all those teeth from your mouth.

Is it just me or does he look proud of his accomplishments?

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