A professional sportsman has to stick to a very specific diet to stay fit and healthy, and to stay in trim enough to be able to perform come game day.

But what if you get hungry during a game and need something to snack on? A health bar would be good, or maybe a drink of some isotonic sports drink. Or how about a hot dog smothered in mustard such as the one Mark Sanchez devoured during a game on Sunday?

The New York Jets were playing the Oakland Raiders when Sanchez decided he hadn’t eaten enough before the game to sustain him during it. So he grabbed a hot dog, covered it in mustard, and ate it on the sidelines. All of which was caught on camera.

Sanchez apologized after the game and explained that he felt queasy and that eating something would ease the pain. But a hot dog? With mustard on? That’s OK for the fans in the stands but for one of the player mid-match?

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