Matt Harding’s “Special” Dancing | Dance With Matt Around the World Videos

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From the Great Wall of China, to the Egyptian Tombs, to the Mayan Ruins, thousands of people have followed Matt Harding around the world through this interesting version of a vacation slideshow.

Matt Harding has a quirky and innocent dance that he’s done since he was a little boy. He breaks out in this funky dance whenever he is feeling really happy, and he says it is the best he can do.

What started out as a video montage of his around the world trip (where he visited 15 countries and where he added a sprinkle of his dance and a dash of music to his home videos) has become quite the video in demand! It was initially loaded on his website for his friends to follow him on his ventures, called, of course,

With over 20,000 downloads of his first video, Matt got a sponsor to send him on a trip around the world again, and they added some funny subtitles. He is now known as the most famous bad dancer, but hey, at least he’s not afraid to be who he is.

Here’s some more video from his original footage.


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