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Me.dium Joins Forces with “Tiki Bar TV” | Watch Internet Television Like Never Before

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Me.dium Joins Forces with “Tiki Bar TV” | Watch Internet Television Like Never Before

Me.dium-LogoStarting August 22nd, internet television viewers will be able to experience a new event in online viewing.

Tiki Bar TV, an independent video pocast, has partnered with Me.dium to enable their fans to a new viewing experience. By viewing internet TV episodes through Me.dium, viewers will be able to interact with fellow viewers as well as Dr. Tiki, the creator and star of Tiki Bar TV.

Through Me.dium, internet TV watchers are able to experience a movie-theatre-esque experience while watching the show.

After watching the most recent episode of Tiki Bar TV, I have to say that I’m imtrigued. While the actors tend to over-act every one of their lines, it was mysteriously difficult for me to keep my eyes off of my computer screen while I was watching. I’m interested to see how the live interaction between fans compliments this quirky show.

The premiere episode of Tiki Bar TV with the Me.dium option airs August 22nd at 3 p.m.

Episode 27: Dingo

[List of Tiki Bar TV Episodes]

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