This video, well the audio at least, is Mel Gibson’s Love Song, as written and performed by Jon Lajoie. It’s pretty offensive, but not as offensive as the things Mel Gibson has said over the last few years which inspired the song in the first place.

Mel Gibson was recently caught on tape using vile language towards his then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Not only was he rude to her, he used the N-word and basically implied that all black men are potential rapists.

This follows on from an incident a couple of years ago when Gibson gave his downright nasty and backward views on Jews and homosexuals. In essence, he’s a small-minded man who I really hope doesn’t get any more acting work.

This song is a genius take on Gibson’s actions and words of late. And it was written and uploaded to the Web within days of the latest incident. Lajoie is clearly a very talented man, unlike Mel Gibson.

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