Michael Bay is a movie director, and a good one at that. You may know him from Transformers, Bad Boys, Pearl Harbor, Coyote Ugly, or one of the other well-known films he has directed. And now you’ll know him from The Bowl Of Cereal.

Bay is known for having a very particular style – lots of slow-motion shots, dramatic close-ups, and al manner of visual tricks to draw an audience into the action. It all makes his movies highly watchable but it’s also very open to parody.

This video is someone’s attempt at mimicking Michael Bay’s style of film making. It shows what would happen if Bay was put in charge of directing someone eating a bowl of cereal. The mundane suddenly becomes dramatic.

Everything is spot-on, from the music used to the closing shot of the bowl of cereal dropping to the ground. Don’t believe me? Then wait until you see Transformers 2. It may not feature a bowl of cereal but I guarantee all of these tricks will be on display.

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