After you marry a member of the British Royal Family, no matter how low down the pecking order that royal may be, you’re expected to change the way you behave. That means not getting mortally drunk and flirting with a woman in a bar.

Mike Tindall, England rugby captain and husband of Zara Phillips, 13th in line to the throne, has been caught on CCTV flirting with a mystery woman.

The footage came to light after a bouncer at the bar in New Zealand in which the flirting took place uploaded the clips from the security camera to YouTube. The bouncer is now facing criminal charges.

This doesn’t prove anything, and Tindall maintains the girl was an old friend who he hadn’t seen for ages. The press seem to have already found him guilty of cheating on his wife, but this CCTV footage doesn’t show anything of the sort.

Still, it makes for a good story. And that’s all that matters these days.

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