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Miley Cyrus Shower Pictures & Hacked Emails Video | “The Biggest Fake In Hollywood” Crunched

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Miley Cyrus Shower Pictures & Hacked Emails Video | “The Biggest Fake In Hollywood” Crunched

It looks like the most exploited couple of the summer will still be teen sensations Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. Judging by her comments, I’d say Sarah East from the PopCrunch Show is no fan:

“Get your hands off my favorite Jonas Brother you whore!”

Those shower pictures of Miley just keep on popping up. You’d think that she would have learned her lesson the first time, but no. I guess her blond alter-ego is starting to take over. At least Britney waited a few years after she was out of the Mickey Mouse club to “whore it up.”

On the other hand, maybe Sarah East is just being jealous. After all, it’s estimated that Miley will be a billionaire before she hits the age of 18. Perhaps this scandalous media exposure will strengthen her career like Paris and Nicole.

Following the rule that “no publicity is bad publicity,” I think it’s safe to say that when Sarah says, “It’s about time that someone takes this bitch down!” She’s doing the exact opposite. That’s America for you.

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