I remember a time when remote-controlled cars were seen as the epitome of technology and entertainment. But the trend came and went very quickly, with only true geeks likely to appear on Robot Wars now playing with them.

However, the last few years has seen a new range of remote-controlled gadgets hitting the market, with flying objects which float and hover around your living room. This one is called the Mini HoverDrone and it looks a lot of fun.

The only problem with it, at least as far as I can see, is that if one comes up against a dog, it isn’t going to win the battle. Or maybe this dog in particular has a thing against small, flying objects, and this is the epitome of his vendetta.

I kind of want one of these but there are a ton of things I’d rather have. That’s because although I’m a little bit geeky, I’m not enough of one to want novelty gadgets above all else.

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