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Mixed Jupiter Ascending Review Video | The Wachowski Brothers’ Sci-Fi Space Opera

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Mixed Jupiter Ascending Review Video | The Wachowski Brothers’ Sci-Fi Space Opera

Jupiter Ascending is the new movie from The Wachowski Brothers. It stars Mila Kunis as the titular Jupiter Jones, and Channing Tatum as her bodyguard/savior/love interest.

Jupiter Ascending certainly looks great, with epic worlds and jaw-dropping visuals. It also includes a host of philosophical ideas very much in keeping with those explored in The Matrix.

Unfortunately, just as with The Matrix, the story leaves a lot to be desired. There is also a lot of untapped potential left hanging, and a extraneous love story that feels tagged on at the end.

All in all, Jupiter Ascending is probably worth seeing on the big screen purely for those visuals. But you may need to leave your brain at home to fully enjoy it.

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