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‘Model Ball’ is currently YouTube’s hottest web series of 2008. It only began in October of this year, and already has over 19 episodes; most of which have well over 100,000 views.

Probably because a show with hot girls appeals to all types of guys. In other words fellas, you don’t have to be a softball or even a baseball fan to enjoy this series.

The plot centers around Jake McBride, the best softball player in his league, and his cousin Holly, another softball player who also happens to be a model. After winning the championship and getting drunk, Jake makes a $50,000 bet to his rival team (the Rockets) that he could beat them with a team of models.


When one looks at all the viral strategies that Model Ball uses, it’s easy to see why it’s become a success. On top of airing webisodes three times a week, each model character also gives personal vlogs. Now that season 1 is over, season 2 is already looking like a hit because of the frequent vlog updates.

Webisode 1: Drunken Bet

This is the first webisode where the premise of the show is revealed. As you can see, what the series lacks in acting and special effects, it makes up with eye candy.

[Watch ‘Model Ball’ on YouTube]

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