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Most of Afghanistan Army Smokes Weed (Video) | US Troops Frustrated

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Most of Afghanistan Army Smokes Weed (Video) | US Troops Frustrated

According to one US soldier in this video, about 3/4 of the Afghan Army uses hashish (aka marijuana). Here you can see how frustrating it really is to lead a group of troops that don’t want to fight in the first place.

Even an Afghan troop leader expresses his disdain, “You can’t really call it an army at all…they’ve recruited the wrong kind of men…I don’t get along with them and they don’t get along with me.”

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Most of the members of the Afghan Army are outcasts who have been forced to fight. The most ironic part of the clip has to be when the American and Afghan troop leaders talk about “nationalism.” As if that’s really the problem.

Although this report was done by the BBC, I find it very one-sided. This reminds me a lot of the reports that were done during the Vietnam war. In fact, the drug abuse rate was even higher back then for American troops. The fact that Obama is still wasting money on this lost cause is beyond me.

Like it of not, history has a way of repeating itself.

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