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National Teacher Appreciation Week 2013 (Video)

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National Teacher Appreciation Week 2013 (Video)

As National Teacher Appreciation Week 2013 comes to a close, StudentsFirst staff reflect on the teachers who made a difference in their lives. From all of us at StudentsFirst, thank you for dedicating your lives to education.

Teachers never really clock out. When you consider all of the hours outside of school that teachers spend to prepare meaningful lesson plans, grading, searching for enrichment activities, writing grants for classroom projects, and professional development, the hours add up.

With all of the extra time they put in, you may wonder why anyone would pursue a teaching career. The answer is simple: Teachers care about their work and the future of our kids. Our educators play a key role in every student’s development and evolution.

This week, May 6-10, is Teacher Appreciation Week, when we take time to recognize and thank all of the hard-working teachers who are dedicated to educating our youth.

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