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NBC Opens Video Vault | 5,000 Archived Reports Tailored for Schooling


NBC Opens Video Vault | 5,000 Archived Reports Tailored for Schooling


PCs and the internet have meant that education at school no longer has to revolve around dusty textbooks with yellowing and dog-eared pages. Now multimedia resources look to be the future and it’s a vision that NBC News has embraced.

In a move to support K-12 education the channel has opened an online video vault of over 5,000 items. Teachers in every US school will now have access to some 60 years of content produced specifically as a learning resource.

NBC hopes that the project will help engage the youth of America, offering them a “deeper understanding of the subject at hand” and bridging the gap between traditional methods of learning and the digital age that all students live in.

The archive covers thousands of topics of interest, from recreated footage of the Ice Age to the civil rights movement of 1950s, all the way up to the recent presidential candidate debates.

There’s no doubting that NBC News’ venture is an amazing feat for schooling, but we can’t help feeling a bit disappointed that the collection of media isn’t freely available to the public.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed tight and you, dear reader, in the know.

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