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New Dance Style Showcased On SYTYCD | Bollywood What?

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New Dance Style Showcased On SYTYCD | Bollywood What?

We’ve seen everything on this show from hip-hop to ballroom to off-beat judge comments, but we hadn’t been exposed to this type of dance before; and Katee and Joshua are the first to perform this strange new number called Bollywood.

Yea, it does sound like some sort of B-class celebrity bar or resort, but in all reality, it’s a pretty cool and unique style of dance. Strange? Yes. But cool at the same time.

I wonder what other new dance moves they will introduce us to this season. I love the dancing so far, but I can certainly do without the judges. They all seem to be on crack this season. Mary is crazier than ever, Nigel can’t stop sexually harrasing the girls and Mia is meaner than the grinch. More to come on that soon.

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