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This is the new New Moon trailer that received its debut screening during the MTV Video Music Awards 2009. The clip is likely to be pulled but should be available to watch if you do a YouTube search for ‘New Moon Trailer’.

I’m not actually a fan of the Twilight Saga, because I’m the wrong gender and over 16. But still, I do like to keep up with whatever is zeitgeist and the new extended New Moon trailer is most certainly that.

Twilight fans are suckers for any little scrap of information or footage they can lay their hands on. This is actually the third official New Moon trailer to hit our screens, but even a trilogy of previews isn’t enough to sate the unquenchable thirsts of Twilight fans.

This trailer shows Bella jumping off a cliff, the ghost of Edward, the Vulturi in all their glory, and much more besides. But the part that will probably delight tween fans above all others is when Robert Pattison reveals his toned torso. The big show-off.

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