I’ve gotta admit, I think we all can agree that Old Spice has the best marketing team around. But did anyone notice the upside down bar soap at the end? Way to piss off the commercial junkies. Unless that was planned, in which case, bravo Old Spice. Bravo.

Now who could these people be marketing for with a flavor like watermelon? Girls? The Japanese? Black people? All of the above? Because clearly any straight white male would think this automatically lame for homophobic reasons. Which is altogether ridiculous.

I actually think it’s about time we got some fruity scents added into the mix. You can’t reel in the girls with loads of ax and B.O. alone. Chicks dig the fruity s***.

But I will say this, why would that guy need the soap if he stopped taking a shower? And there is no way that bar soap was supposed to be upside down. You fail this time Old Spice. Bring Terry Crews back!

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