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New Paramore Music Video | “Still Into You”

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New Paramore Music Video | “Still Into You”

So the rumors of Paramore’s new pop style have been proven true! Could this be a good move? The Three million viewers of this video are proving it that’s for sure!

They decided to throw some bright and lively colors together with a room filled to the brim with balloons and is that girl on a boat!? Who knew this American Rock band had such a bubbly sense of humor? With ballerinas, a fun chase around the room from what exactly? I’m not sure but it takes fans back to when pop first came about as they don a retro oldies fashion with crazy tights and high waist skirts.

In the past they have been regarded as an emo and punk rock badn but this time they appear to be drifting towards something a bit more girly. Hayley Williams could be drawing from her own romantic experiences as most musicians love to do.

While I don’t care for the ballerinas only because this video has little to nothing to do with the lyrics themselves, I enjoy the good-feeling energy it brings and that’s really what they’re going for here. Kudos to Paramore for keeping with the times! Looks like a continuance of success is awaiting them with their fun new pop ideas!

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