New “The Great Gatsby” Trailer Video | Coming Soon This Summer!

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Baz Juhrmann, director and screenwriter had set our hearts aflutter with audiences dancing in their seats when he helped to create the hit movie Moulin Rouge as well as the classic Romeo + Juliet remake. Now he’s about to amaze us with one of America’s greatest novels in our young history, “The Great Gatsby!” But wait, it’s in 3-D!?

With more than just talented stars such as Lionardo DiCaprio playing Gatsby himself and Toeby Maguire as the protagonist Nick Carraway, we’re sure to have all the drama and fatalistic romance we could ever ask for in this modern Disney depicted film remake. As it is, the original movie was a hit in its day so no doubt this one’s got some big shoes to fill.

For those of you have shamelessly failed to read the American classic novel, “The Great Gatsby” revolves around the character Nick Carraway (Maguire), who comes to New York City in the Roaring ’20s, encountering the reckless and decadent lifestyles of Nick’s rich cousin Daisy (Mulligan), who is in married and in love with mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). He is taken down the hellish rabbit hole and drawn into their world of lavish parties, with flappers, jazz, and infidelity along coerced by free-flowing alcohol and romantic misadventures that ultimately lead to marvelous tragedy.

$125 million was used towards this adaptation as the film was originally scheduled to be a late-2012 release, with big hopes from producers for Academy Award recognition. However, Warner Bros. decided to move the film for the summer of 2013 release so it would get a higher-profile release. Brilliant thinking, I must say.

The music soundtrack sounds glorious to boot! I’ve got my hopes ready and waiting! Start your summer off right with a trip to the movies May 10th.

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