Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Lifestyle, News and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on December 29, 2011

Christmas is over. Sadly. Still, there’s always New Year to look forward to, and that means a potentially awesome New Year’s Eve party. If you get it right.

This girl has her own ideas on how to throw an awesome New Year party. Some of which make sense, some of which don’t. Possibly because she’s a bit woozy.

My tip would be not to go out under any circumstances. It’s too expensive, there are too many people, and it almost always ends badly. Or, at the very least, disappointingly.

Throw a party at home by all means. But you don’t need to do anything special. People just want to be able to relax, drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat some nibbles, and listen to a little music. And then see the ball drop at midnight. Sorted.

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