“Nick Cannon’s Star Camp” Reality TV Show | Nickelodeon’s New Online Series

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Nick Cannon's Star Camp

Nickelodeon has a few tricks up its sleeve. On July 22, Nickelodeon will debut a new original series called Nick Cannon’s Star Camp.

The reality show is hosted by Nick Cannon and executive produced by Cannon, Quincy Jones and Quincy “QD3” JOnes III.

The show will follow eight members of a new “super-group” called The Giggle Club. This group’s ages range from thirteen to nineteen years old, and the kids were picked by–you guessed it!–Nick Cannon himself.

The show will follow these eight kids as they learn how to be successful as stars. Cannon developed the show’s presmise to give a group of kids the chance to show off their musical talents and abilities.

The show will be comprised of five fifteen-minute episodes that will stream online on TurboNick every Sunday beginning July 22nd. The final episode will air in Nickelodeon’s TEENick block on Sunday, August 26th at 6:00 p.m. EST.

TurboNick was the first broadband player for kids and is a great complement to Nickelodeon’s on-air programming.

TurboNick will also provide cool background info on Nick Cannon’s Star Camp show by featuring behind the scenes information and a message board so that fans of the show can chat about what they’ve seen so far. You’ll also have the chance to read interviews with The Giggle Club!

Cannon’s Star Camp


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