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Nora Breaks Free is one of those typical teen movies packed into short 7-10 minute webisodes. It’s like your average American Pie sex-romp comedy, but minus the sex.

Nora is your “average” 16 teen year old in high school. She has a crush on the quarterback, good grades, no car, and an over-protective mom. If you’re sick of thesestereotypical Hollywood productions, then you actually might like what you see in this web series.

You see, unlike those other teen movies, this series parodies the teen-age cliques. Nora, and everyone else in the cast, are obviously not young enough to be in high school, yet that’s what makes the show funny.

Nora Breaks Free Trailer

This is the very funny and very “realistic” Nora Breaks Free trailer. The last episode of this four-part series officially ended two days ago. You can see the show in its entirely on YouTube.

[Watch ‘Nora Breaks Free’ Episodes]

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