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OBAMA demon alien video! | Is he a follower of Satan?

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OBAMA demon alien video! | Is he a follower of Satan?

Some pranks are glorious, others are just pathetic. I have to admit, this one seems to be attracting the most attention and not necessarily the positive kind for our poor president.

While I’m not whole-heartedly an Obama fan, that man doesn’t really deserve the tag of Satan follower or even to be described as a demon spawn. The video itself merely shows a very creepy and pale security guard with his head turned and the camera is blurred purposefully just to make his ears and nose indistinguishable from his face.

People love a good ghost story and this one is no exception however, unless someone can get this man a better camera and some badass sound effects, this is just a lame joke to further humiliate the president.

There are way better reasons to insult that man besides throwing in some half-baked prank to circulate the internet. Better luck next time.

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