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Obama Kills Fly Video | President Is A Ninja

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Obama Kills Fly Video | President Is A Ninja

Those people who think President Obama is weak on defense should learn the truth from this video. In actual fact, Barack Obama is a killer with the stealth-like reflexes of a ninja. You’d better believe it.

It was during an interview with John Harwood on CNBC that this startling display occurred. The President was being harassed by a pesky fly while he was discussing financial reforms, health care, and other subjects of importance.

Obama first told the critter to, “Get out of here,” but the insect refused to go away. So Obama then pulled the big guns out, his arms, and drew the fly into his Web before pouncing with the accuracy and poise of a great warrior.

After his success, Obama squawked, ”I got it! I got the sucker.” Then proceeded with the interview. No matter what else he does as President, the day he swatted that damn fly will be remembered forever. Or maybe not.

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