Obama To Give Israel To Muslims Video | Black Preacher James Manning Has A Theory

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During the recent U.S. Presidential election, all the dirty tricks came out, with Barack Obama being accused of racism, being a Muslim (so what if he was) and intent on ruining America.

Unfortunately, these bizarre views on what Obama is going to do in office haven’t gone away despite the Democratic senator winning the election and becoming President-elect.

This video shows a black preacher and author by the name of James Manning who believes Obama will do a deal with Muslim terror groups which will see Osama Bin Laden handed over in exchange for Israel.

Seriously, what is this guy on? Why would Obama do that? The simple answer is he wouldn’t so I can only guess Manning has his own agenda he’s trying to push through.

This guy really annoys me, not only by thinking he knows the future, but by not even being able to pronounce Israel properly. This is what we get for not having asylums any more.


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