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Barack Obama has been President for over a month now, and the time for action is upon us. Obama talked a very good talk during the election, which is what got him elected but the United States now needs a strong leader taking form action.

Obama went before Congress last night to spell out his plan of action for the economy, which is clearly the biggest problem immediately facing his new administration. This video shows the highlights.

There’s no doubting that Obama is a strong orator, and this speech once again outlines that fact. But will the policies he’s describing, and actions he’s planning have the desired effect of turning the economy around?

Politicians and economic experts seem divided on the issue. Obama is taking a huge gamble, and it’s one that could backfire spectacularly. If his plan works, he’ll be regarded as a genius. If it doesn’t, then expect to see a new President in the White House after the next election.

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