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A Thousand Words is getting a lot of hate and poor reviews, but the trailer actually makes me want to see it. Either I have bad taste in movies or everyone else is wrong about Eddie Murphy’s latest comedy…

The third possibility is that the trailer shows all the best bits of the film, and that the actual 91-minute long film sucks in comparison. If that’s the case then the trailer editor deserves an Oscar.

In A Thousand Words Murphy plays a fast-talking literary agent who will say anything without thinking. But after he promises to publish the book of a spiritual guru he is left with just 1000 words to speak before he dies.

It’s an intriguing concept which somewhat reminds me of Liar, Liar. Eddie Murphy may be no Jim Carrey, but surely he will have been able to pull this off. I may go and see A Thousand Words just to see for myself.

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