Posted in: Documentaries, Interesting People, News, Video On Demand and Web TV Series by Katrina Robinson on August 31, 2007

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a firefighter. Female firefighters have never been common, and I wanted to be anything but common.

In my old(er) age, I’ve realized that I’m not cut out for firefighting–I’m just too lazy. However, I still have an enormous amount of respect for those women who are cut out for firefighting.

Women on Watch is a look into the lives of San Francisco female firefighters. Women on Watch is a part of The Battalion-The Series, a full-access program that follows San Francisco firefighters.

After watching the first webisode of Women on Watch, I’m more amazed than ever about the occupation of firefighting. It’s incredibly difficult work, and it’s extremely admirable.

[Watch Women on Watch]

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