Open Carry Guns Video | Is It Right To Show Your Weapon In Public? Utah Cops Think Not

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If there was one overriding reason I wouldn’t emigrate to America, it would be the old-fashioned and clearly disastrous gun laws. Here’s an idea, give everyone the right to carry a gun and see what happens. Oh wait, it’s an experiment already tried and tested in the United States.

The U.S.A. was, for a time, a pretty lawless place. So I can understand why the lax gun laws were created when they were. But that was 200-odd years ago. The same rules and regulations, or more accurately the lack of rules and regulations, can’t be expected to work in this modern age.

So while the older nations on Earth hardened their laws on the carrying of weapons, the U.S. seems determined to stay true to its roots, even in the face of a clear and utter failure of the policy.

In Utah, people can openly carry guns, not hidden beneath a jacket or anything, but fully on display like a badge. It’s a legal right but gun owners seem oblivious to the fact that people can get scared at the sight of firearms. And rightly so.

There’s absolutely no need for guns to be openly carried. All it does is make the weapon holder feel better about himself. Which surely isn’t justification enough to scare people into calling the cops.

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