OpenHulu: Watch Hulu No Registration Required | Everyone’s Free Hulu ‘Invite’

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You’ve probably already heard of Hulu, the service that offers full-length episodes from FOX and NBC networks.

Hulu is closed beta (like how Gmail was) and the only way to currently experience it is to get invited. That is, until now.

The concept is pretty simple: take all the content on Hulu that is closed to the public and make it open. Since Hulu lets registered users embed Hulu’s videos in their own sites, why not share all of them in one place?

Hulu Video Demo

Here’s a video demo of how Hulu works. As you can see, OpenHulu is almost an exact clone of it.

Hate Mail

Apparently the creator of the site, Matt Schlicht, has been getting a lot of hate mail from people. Here’s an example of one:

“You are an ass hole. And this site is completely illegal. Hulu is a great service that is simply going through beta and you are misusing your beta opportunity. People like you make me sick”

My question is: why doesn’t Hulu just become open beta? A closed beta with open embedding is ridiculous. Something like this was bound to happen with such a big loophole.

[OpenHulu Website]

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