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Optical Illusion Video | Experience A Natural Hallucinogenic Effect

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Optical Illusion Video | Experience A Natural Hallucinogenic Effect

Have you watched it yet? If not then do so now, don’t worry, nothing bad will happen, although I wouldn’t recommend epileptics participate just in case.

You don’t have to view this video in full screen as it advises, it works just as well at this size, as long as you keep focussed on the center of the screen throughout.

How weird is that? I know it’s just a simple optical illusion where your eyes get used to the swirly patterns and then overlay that on to anything else you look at afterwards, but it’s still mighty impressive.

It took about a minute before my eyesight returned to normal, and I was relieved when it did, as I was a bit worried for a while that t would be permanent.

What did you look at? I stared down at the keyboard which seemed to be floating away from me, and then turned to my girlfriend who was sat the other side of the room. She looked weird!

I’ve experienced a similar thing before, when I played Guitar Hero too long one day. When I turned away, everything seemed to be floating upwards like the keys on screen. You thought I was going to say weed didn’t you?!

This just goes to prove 2 things, the power of the mind, and the power of YouTube. Oh and Guitar Hero but that’s another thing altogether.

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