I often wish I was a cat. Assuming they have a loving owner then they really do live a charmed life. They eat, sleep, play, and chase. And that’s it. No work, no stress, no money worries.

And yet cats still get to play games, including football. Sure, it’s not proper soccer as we understand it, but they make brilliant goalkeepers. This one, called Otto, should be playing in the World Cup in South Africa.

My cat is almost as good as this, but not quite. The fact is I often kick a small juggling ball around my front room but I rarely get it past him. He slides, jumps, leaps, and somersaults his way around, catching it 9 times out of 10.

There was a famous Chelsea and England goalkeeper called Peter Bonetti whose nickname was ‘The Cat’. But I don’t think even he could beat Otto for athletic ability.

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