Outrageous Maury Guest Video | Woman Takes Skanky to a Whole New Level

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We’ve seen some outrageous guests on the Maury Povich Show, but this woman takes the cake. Just when you think she can’t get any worse, she opens her mouth again!

It’s terrible that this vixen has cheated on her partner for the past two years. But then when we learn the other party was his brother, things get even messier.

But it gets worse. There’s a child involved. Is partner James the tyke’s daddy, or could it be “Uncle” Dave? In true Maury Povich style, we can get paternity tests to figure that out.

Thankfully, Dave isn’t the father. But, sadly, James isn’t either! Our skanky heroine insists that there was only one other guy, but at this point who can believe her?

If I were the brothers I’d want nothing more to do with this toxic harlot, but these simple lads seem to be able to forgive and forget. At the end of the clip we see them pledging to get through things as one big happy family.

Only on Maury!

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