Over The Top Crazy Maze Reaction Video

30 sec read

This video shows what has to be the most over-the-top reaction to Crazy Maze ever captured on film. The only question is whether this is fake or not. I vote yes, it is.

If this guy wasn’t quite all there then maybe I’d believe the reaction was real. As it is, I think he’s acting. Admittedly he’s doing a good job of looking retarded, but not quite good enough.

The moment he puts his fist through the monitor is the giveaway. His hand goes through too easily, and the sparks look fake. As for the pissing of the pants, he’s been sat there with that right from the off.

If you’re not aware of the whole Crazy Maze phenomenon then this video demonstrates what it’s like to play the game, complete with the scare that comes with reaching the end of level 3.

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