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P. Diddy Doesn’t Know What to Do with His Money


P. Diddy Doesn’t Know What to Do with His Money

Rapper P. Diddy earned $130 million in the past year, according to Forbes. According to the organization, that is even more than Beyonce. Sources close to Diddy say he is contemplating what to do with all of his money.

According to rumors, the rapper/businessman contacted agents with an offer to buy the Olsen twins. He also bought two mansions in the Hamptons and a condo in Miami. Representatives of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen didn’t return phone calls.

Artwork for a forthcoming album cover reportedly features only a dollar sign. Also, Diddy has made numerous tweets about spending money, earning money, and all things money, according to an anonymous source.

Diddy’s past 12-month earnings make him the highest paid celebrity in the world for last year. Business interests include a record label and possibly a bid to send the first human to Mars sometime in the future.

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