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Photoshop For Revenge Video | You Suck At Photoshop, Round 4

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Photoshop For Revenge Video | You Suck At Photoshop, Round 4

As you may recall from my previous post about Using Photoshop For Revenge, you will also recall a rather funny guy trying to educate us on the basics of photoshop, but through the use of his sarcastic humor.

In the previous video, we learn some basics as he seeks revenge on his cheating wife. This video continues that lesson in the same tone, as he prepares his now tarnished wedding ring to go onto eBay.

This ring symbolizes shame and unfulfilled dreams, and this guy is using an eBay auction as a sort of therapy. Man, can I relate to the craziness that eBay can sometimes make you feel.

So, for those of us interested in learning more about photoshop, you’ll also learn about paths and layer masks, through a very funny, yet satirical way. Finally, some education that gets my attention.

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1 Comment

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