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If you like movies that look like real-life graphic novels, or girls with guns in general, then you might want to check out PINK the webseries.

Who says women can’t be contract killers?

The show stars Natalie Raitano (formerly from the show VIP with Pamela Anderson), and Sheree J. Wilson (from Walker Texas Ranger). Natalie Cross (played by Natalie of course) works as a hired hitwomen that happens to love the color pink.


But just in case shooting things isn’t enough entertainment for you, the show is also throws in occasional one liners. For example, right after she’s taught to shoot with a rifle, her dad tells her to “Get ready for church honey.” You’d think these scenes came straight out of a comic book.

PINK Episode 1

This is the very first webisode of PINK. Despite it being one of the shortest webisodes, it has clocked over 2.8 million views on YouTube. As stated on the official site, Season 2 is scheduled to premire in “Sping 2008,” or in other words, any day now.

[Watch PINK Online]

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