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That’s quite a headline eh? But it’s true to what happened, as this video shows. Yes, an old bi-plane really does crash into a cow in the British countryside as it’s stood there eating some grass.

Englishman Rob Wotton was landing his vintage De Havilland Tiger Moth plane in Devon when the left wing of the craft clipped an ignorant cow. The cow took a tumble while Wotton and his passenger couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Wotton wasn’t aiming for the cow but had to crash land in the field when the 1943 bi-plane developed engine trouble. Luckily for us, the cow crash was captured by a video camera mounted to the front of the plane, and the cow, along with Wotton are now famous on the Internet.

You’ll be pleased to hear that no-one was injured in the crash, not even the cow. The animal actually righted itself before nonchalantly carried on grazing. Maybe it’s happened to him before?!?

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