Police Chase Disappearing Ghost Car Video | Weird Ghost Sighting or Police Screw-Up?

41 sec read

If you’re one of those skeptics that “doesn’t believe in ghosts” and thinks that “seeing is believing” then be prepared to get freaked out. Oh, so you’ve already seen “ghost sightings” caught on tape?

How about a ghost car?

In this high-speed pursuit, the driver in the white car uses wild swerves to fake out the police vehicle in pursuit. Yet, the cops still manage to keep up, that is, until they chase the car to a chain fence. In what seems like an impossible maneuver, the car plows through the fence and escapes the police car.

Apparently, this incident remains unexplained and the car has somewhat become a police legend known as the “ghost car”. But after a few minutes of rational pondering, I came to a sensible conclusion.

My personal theory is that the fence had a weak link that broke and allowed the car to temporarily run over it. After the car passed it, the fence popped back up. The police claim to have investigated the fence after the incident and found no weak spots. Maybe it really was a “ghost car”.

Or maybe the cops wanted to cover their asses.


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