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Politicians Seen Misbehaving On YouTube | Kevin Rudd, Gordon Brown And George Bush

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Politicians Seen Misbehaving On YouTube | Kevin Rudd, Gordon Brown And George Bush

Politicians Seen Misbehaving On YouTubeYouTube is many different things to many different people.

Some people use it as a source of entertainment, some use it to get their homemade videos seen by millions of Internet users.

Even companies have started using the massively popular video sharing site to promote their acts, products or services with musicians often having their music videos premiered on YouTube.

One group of people who haven’t really embraced the web and especially the power of videos are politicians. But that doesn’t mean YouTube hasn’t embraced them as we are about to see.

Kevin Rudd Eating Ear Wax

Australia’s potential next prime minister has had this video of him eating his own ear wax seen by 200,000 people and counting, many who are potential voters.

Gordon Brown Picking His Nose

When Tony Blair was prime minister of Britain, it was forever rumoured that Gordon Brown was deperate for the top job. It seems he was also desperate to get rid of that annoying bogey up his nose.

George W Bush Picking His Nose

The young George W Bush not only picks his nose with one finger, he manages to stick his little finger up there too, and then proceeds to inspect the results of his labours on his hand.

Although there is a backlash about the Rudd clip now with some pundits predicting it could harm his chances of winning the election, it clearly didn’t do Brown or Bush any harm.

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